Occupational and Environmental Exposure of Skin to Chemicals (OEESC)

June 2-5, 2013

Amsterdam (the Netherlands) & Osnabrueck (Germany)

It is our very great pleasure to invite you to the 6th OEESC Conference which is to take place in Amsterdam and Osnabrueck, 2-5 June 2013

The OEESC that is held every two years has become the premier platform for presenting latest findings as well as discussing contemporary issues regarding to the prevention of occupational and environmental dermal exposures. The OEESC is a unique meeting because it brings together experts in dermal exposure assessment, clinical dermatology, and skin toxicology as well as policy-makers, health, safety and environment professionals.

This format will encourage networking and communication between the delegates from different disciplines. Furthermore, on the 4th day, interested participants can visit the Institute for Interdisciplinary Dermatological Prevention and Rehabilitation in Osnabrueck; this Osnabrueck Satellite Workshop on workers’ education will include mutiple didactical methods to impove health literacy in risk professions.

Amsterdam, capital of The Netherlands is famous for its cultural and historic characteristics and its vibrant city life which offers a great platform for many activities. If you have the time, do stay for a few days before or after the conference.
We are looking forward to welcoming you on behalf of the local scientific and organizing committees in June 2013.

Sanja Kezic (Amsterdam) and Swen Malte John (Osnabrueck)



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